Leggings that famous people love to wear!

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For the first time ever since Yoga Shop Center started we are adding a blog to make things a bit more fun especially during this time of pandemic and doom and gloom. We will be publishing a blog monthly and our first blog is about leggings that the rich and famous wear. Just to make it a bit more interesting and fun. People watching is always great and getting ideas about fashion and what other people wear is something we all do. So for our first blog you will see what famous people like Beyonce, Rihanna and Ferne McCann…. wear and cheaper options available in our online store. Get some inspiration for the next yoga class or just a day out! :-)

Our top 5 leggings that famous people wear:

  1. The Eco Leather Yoga Leggings  - Worn by top model Ferne McCann amongst other top celebrities. Due to copyrights of images we will just paste a link to the original source: Ferne McCann wearing eco leather leggings

Eco leather yoga leggings


2. Leopard Push Up Yoga Leggings - If heading for a night out or simply going for a stroll, fashionable celebs turn to leggings all the time. Check out Sienna Miller wearing leopard leggings on a day out.   On another occasion we see Cameron Diaz where the same cool outfit! Get yours for a fraction of celeb price.


3. Stylish Tartan Yoga Leggings - Remember Beyonce styling Burberry tartan leggings in the video APES**T. She made Burberry look not only stylish but also sexy. Here Tammy Rivera and Beyonce are wearing tartan leggings

 4. Tie Dyed Yoga Leggings - Rihanna is featuring tie dye jeggings in this instance. Nevertheless, the look is still supercool and probably more comfortable to wear as leggings. The great thing with leggings is that they can be worn on every occasion and not only whilst doing yoga. Rihanna wearing tie dye jeggings

5. What about Black Mesh Yoga Leggings!  Seen worn by many celebs and an absolute must in the wardrobe. Here Selena Gomez are seen in a pair of mesh leggings. Get similar leggings with see through mesh on the side of the leggings. Not only are they sexy but a timeless investment and also budget friendly. 


Leggings are a necessity in your wardrobe as it is so versatile and can be worn whilst doing yoga, workout or simply on a day or night out. Mix and match with accessories to suit the occasion. Next month we will give you some more ideas of how and what to wear with your leggings. 

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